Macross Delta 20 Review (Marking time…mostly.)

Macross Delta 20
Macross Δ 20
マクロスΔ 20

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Delta 20Chaos decides to experiment on Hayate and Freyja after expressing concerns about the effect Freya’s singing has on him. Freyja is unable to sing. On Windermere, Keith becomes concerned about Roid’s actions and the sudden change of doctors for King Heinz. Kaname catches Makina and Reina attempting to hack information on Mikumo. She agrees to help them infiltrate the hospital wing. Elsewhere, Mirage attempts to settle things between Freyja and Hayate, both of whom want to quit. Meanwhile, Makina and Reina get arrested while Kaname manages to get to where Mikumo is in a large, cylinder tank that’s filled with liquid.


Macross Delta 20 didn’t seem to do much in terms pushing the plot forward, but it did seem to set up things for the remaining episodes to come. Plus, buy Walküre music CDs.

Macross Delta 20

Roid seems to be playing the role of Grace O’Connor from Macross Frontier. During the flashback scene when Keith recalled meeting Roid, Roid’s appearance immediately made me think of Grace.

Macross Delta 20

That being said, Keith seems to be joining the ranks of those questioning the actions of Roid.

Macross Delta 20

Sadly, Freyja is depressed and still unable to tell Hayate how she feels about him. I understand how she wouldn’t want to cause Hayate any harm, thus her wanting to stop singing.

Macross Delta 20

While Hayate is mostly clueless when it comes to Freyja being hopelessly in love with him, he does care about her enough to not want to kill her career either. But he’s still a moron and just one of these awful main character types.

Macross Delta 20

As for Mirage, I’m hoping her cloaked confession in attempting to get Hayate and Freyja to working together again is her getting out of this hideous, forced, love-triangle. I like Mirage, but her interest in Hayate makes no sense to me.

Macross Delta 20

Assuming the unofficial English subtitles can be trusted, it is implied that Makina and/or Reina have been arrested for hacking before. That’s somewhat interesting.

Macross Delta 20

I’m not surprised that Kaname went along to help them find out what’s happening with Mikumo. After all, Kaname is more than just an idol singer for Walküre. She’s actively involved with coordinating stuff with Chaos and Delta Squad. So the fact that she’s excluded from learning what is going on with Mikumo would understandably bother her.

Macross Delta 20

That still leaves the question of what Mikumo is. I’m not buying the android thing that was presented in an earlier episode. Not sure why they are keeping her in a liquid filled, cylinder tank though.

Macross Delta 20

Finally, it really is difficult to tell a story when you are mandated to sell a product, in this case, music CDs. I just rolled my eyes at Kaname just HAVING to sing while racing to find Mikumo. Yeah, the excuse is that this would be in the vain hopes that Mikumo hears it and responds. However, when you are someplace you shouldn’t be and desperate to avoid detection, you DON’T start singing like mad and tell everyone, “Hey! Here I am! Please arrest me too!” 🙄

Macross Delta 20

In the end, Macross Delta 20 doesn’t feel like an episode of a series nearing its completion. It feels more like it is marking time and trying to set up things for some big ending that may or may not pay off. I predict a rushed ending.

Macross Delta 20

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4 Responses to “Macross Delta 20 Review (Marking time…mostly.)”

  1. ctrn says:

    Well… I predict the movie formula that worked with frontier and the the norm nowadays: Open ending for the tv version, and one or two movies (perhaps recaps or not) changing things and adding some conclusion, and more songs of course!

    PD: Frontier movies have some heavy changes, character “destinies” included.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      When Macross Frontier ended, I had zero interest in watching it again. That ended up spilling over to the movies too. I should watch sometime, I guess.

  2. Rob C. says:

    Macross Frontier Movies was slightly better in some aspects. There was bigger bang of a ending. [spoiler]Alto gave answer answer, who he liked. Max and Mira of the series didn’t get killed off like during the tv series. The first movie was essentially the same as the series, while second one was where things differred. My friend hated the ending, while i didn’t mind it but left you hanging in some way.[/spoiler]

    Gaud, didn,t think that this series would generate enough interest in making movie version of Delta. I hate rehash movies of anime tv shows so much. Arpeggio of Blue Steel movies were least different enough with different ending to them that it was more interesting to watch.

    This is episode in hole was i guess necessary plot building episode. People be complaining if they just skipped alot stuff, like young people having doubts about the future.

    I agree completely that our musical, we call Macross Delta is annoying at times with people being stealthy that need to Sing to arouse their missing singer to reply so she has clue to where she is.

    As part of Mirage in the love triangle, i think there should be consideration how people in their late teens and early 20s don’t quite think rationally in first place. Its more emotions, i think that’s where the writers were trying to telegraph. Yeah, it feels forced, The ice queen (Mirage) been alone for lone time. Our super dense male lead/hero is bit of air head/free spirit, so him picking stuff that someone attracted to him is actually makes vague senses.

    My gut feelings still tell me she is a clone of Protoculture or was atlease generically engineered to be able to interact with the ancient technology. The flashback episode really showed off Minmay alot. Given they only showed the Movie version of Macross era, should suggest that City Ship (most American audiences never seen Macross Movie Do you Remember Love?) where Hibiki and Misa (Rick and Lisa to Robotech people) found the music that soothed the Zentraedi and Meltrans (Females were considered separate race) to side with humans.

    If Mikumo is product of New UN Spacy’s efforts to bridge the technologies, building on what franchise characters (generations of them) have learned from Protoculture from Macross Zero to now, there be huge case that someone build with DNA of known singers or of the long dead race would be able unlock the codes of technology Protoculture left behind.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I watched Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie. From my review.

      In the end, this is a beautifully animated movie that holds up well by today’s standards. However, taking thirty-six TV episodes and compressing them into a movie just under two-hours means that too much stuff got cut out. As a result, the story, character development, and romances never come off right. Still, I don’t regret watching it but I don’t think I’ll watch again.

      Because of my experience here, I could never get worked up to watch any of the other Macross movies. 🙁

      As to Mirage, I understand what you are saying in regards to attraction. When I think back to the original Macross, I never bought the Misa x Hikaru romance at the start. However, I kinda understood Misa being attracted to Hikaru. I understood Hikaru deciding to have sex with Misa because a lot of guys are fine with loveless sex. Plus, sometimes the comforting arms of an attractive woman, even if it is someone you didn’t like much, can be seen as better than being alone.

      I know they are trying to make Mirage like Misa in some ways. I just don’t want the story to go that way. Chuck needs some love. 😉

      My gut feelings still tell me she is a clone of Protoculture or was atlease generically engineered to be able to interact with the ancient technology.

      That’s an interesting theory. We’ll see what happens.

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