TYPE-MOON Does “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki”

TYPE-MOON Does “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki”

From time to time, I find something fun on my Twitter timeline. In this case, someone retweeted this from とい★DigitaReal.

For Fate/stay night fans, you’ll recognize the artwork of TYPE-MOON’s TAKEUCHI Takashi. He drew Washu, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Sasami, and Aeka in his own, unique style. I hate to say it, but if these were characters that appeared in Fate/Grand Order, I might have to go full kraken to get them. Someone (wishing to remain private) made this list of suggested classes.

That said, because I retweeted his tweet with a comment, とい★DigitaReal was gracious enough to let me know that the image came from the AIC Press Vol. 1 doujinshi. This doujin title was published in 2001, as I recall. (Someone can correct me if my memory isn’t what it should be.)

Dirty Ramone came through with a full page scan, including text. (As an aside, if anyone can translate what’s said, let me know in the comments.)

(TAKEUCHI Takashi) TYPE-MOON Tenchi Muyo

So even though this isn’t something new, it was something I had not been aware of. And there’s a good chance that some of you weren’t aware of it either. As such, I’m sharing it with you all. 😄

As an aside, Kajishima-sensei, the creator of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki, also did some Fate/stay night artwork. This features Caster (Medea).

Thanks to everyone on Twitter for sharing the information with me! And a last second special shout out to Pablo Vallejo, who shared a look at his copy. If you are bored, you can follow me on Twitter as well. 😁

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7 Responses to “TYPE-MOON Does “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki””

  1. Pablo Vallejo says:

    You are welcome! It’s a honor to be mentioned in one of your blog posts. Been following you since forever!

  2. Eboshi “Eboshi a.k.a. えぼし” says:

    I translated a comment by Takashi in the middle of the image. I will post a comment of Kinoko later.

    I am Takashi Takeuchi of TYPE-MOON.
    Congratulations on resuming Kajishima’s Tenchimuyo.
    I am lucky and grateful that I contributed to this booklet at this time.
    I have a lot to write about Tenchimuyo, but there are too many to write here.
    Nine years after the first appreciation of Tenchimuyo, Tenchi World has not faded, and my interest in Tenchimuyo has not been exhausted.
    Just as I was in high school, I look forward to new releases.

  3. Eboshi “Eboshi a.k.a. えぼし” says:

    At the bottom of the image is a comment by Kinoko.

    Nice to meet you, I’m Kinoko Nasu, a writer of TYPE-MOON.
    Congratulations on the start of Tenchimuyo OVA3 and Tenchi in Tokyo.
    I was very impressed by watching Tenchimuyo when I was in high school. Like Kagato, who was defeated by Tenchi, I was also shocked by this OVA.
    I liked all the characters that appear in Tenchimuyo.
    Story of each person and their daily life from Episode 1 to Episode 4. Turn of events in Episode 5. And in Episode 6, the story had a happy ending after exciting scenes.
    To us who were eager to watch the following story, you gave us the seventh episode.
    I was happy to meet Tenchimuyo when I was a boy, and I am grateful to Kajishima and the creators who made such a wonderful work.
    And I support the new Tenchimuyo that will start from now.

  4. Eboshi “Eboshi a.k.a. えぼし” says:

    I apologize for posting rudeness without confirming that the procedure is necessary. Thank you for your response.

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