My Wife is an Oni 2 Review

My Wife is an Oni 2
Oniyome to Kekkon Shite Shimatta Kekka
What I Get for Marrying an Oni Bride

As I previously mentioned, I follow quite a number of Japanese artists and mangaka on Twitter. This is how I was introduced to YAMATO Nadeshiko-sensei‘s wholesome doujinshi works. As such, now that Irodori Comics has released My Wife is an Oni 2, I wanted to get it despite its cost.

The Story in Brief

My Wife is an Oni 2The story of My Wife is an Oni 2 sees the female oni Mitsuki doing the Pocky game with her human husband, Tomoyuki. Next, Mitsuki gives Tomoyuki a massage. Mitsuki burns her hand cooking, so Tomoyuki feeds her. Later, Tomoyuki brings home peaches and is discovers that oni don’t like them.

Christmas arrives, so Mitsuki dresses as Santa. However, she doesn’t know about Christmas, so Tomoyuki teaches her the art of present giving. On New Years, Mitsuki meets Tomoyuki at a local shrine. They play badminton with the round winner getting to mark the loser’s face.

Setsubun arrives and Mitsuki is offended. However, she changes her mind about the holiday after Tomoyuki modifies it for her. Finally, Mitsuki is traipsing around the house in a towel. Tomoyuki objects so Mitsuki teases him. However, both slip, leading to a “lucky lech” moment and punch from Mitsuki, which she then regrets.

The Cute, Tsundere, Oni Wife

On a personal level, I would never want a tsundere as a wife. In in My Wife is an Oni 2, Tomoyuki is fine with it. And so I’m OK reading about it.

Mitsuki may love the things that her husband does for her. But in tsundere fashion, she’s going to pretend to act indifferent or worse. It is an an odd thing for a married woman to still be a tsundere. So I can understand those who complain about this aspect of the character. However, for the most part, I just read the story and enjoy it for what it is.

My Wife is an Oni 2

That said, there was one moment that surprised me. Chapter 12.5 was a chapter I didn’t remember Nadeshiko-sensei posting on Twitter. As such, it was new to me. This is where we get to see the “lucky lech” moment, which is about as ecchi as this doujinshi manga gets.

And this volume does imply they had sex at Christmas, but in a mild way.

Irodori Comics Release

As I mentioned previously, Irodori Comics retains the word “oni” in the adaptation of My Wife is an Oni 2. And Mitsuki’s Osaka-ben dialect is still Scottish, not fake Southern. So I like that. Because this is a digital release, the one partial color page that was done for New Years is left in color.

I also enjoy the note from Nadeshiko-sensei, which is included in the release.

As I mentioned, My Wife is an Oni 2 is a digital-only released. There are only 27 pages, but the series is sold for $4.95 as of this writing. So it is rather expensive. But I like Nadeshiko-sensei’s work and want to support him. So I don’t mind paying the price. Maybe one day, these digital copies can be combined into a print form.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

If you enjoyed My Wife is an Oni, then you’ll enjoy My Wife is an Oni 2 is for you. It is a bit expensive, and it is digital only, but for me, it was worth it.

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