Adorable Child Shark Manga! (Odekake Kozame by @Penguinbox1)

Adorable Child Shark Manga! (Odekake Kozame)

I know that Twitter can be an utter cesspool at times. And yet, there are still places on Twitter that are awesome beyond belief. I found such a spot with Japanese Twitter user @Penguinbox1 (ペンギンボックス) and his creation, Odekake Kozame (おでかけ子ザメ).

Penguin Box

The Japanese artist/manga-ka Penguin Box has been on Twitter since June 2020. The artist, whom I will refer to as Sensei from now on, used Twitter to share artwork and short animations. This artwork often featured cute animals, both on land and from the sea. At the same time, Sensei also included art of cute, fantastical creatures.

However, Sensei published the tweet below, containing a new work about a young child shark visiting a movie theater.

Understandably, the tweet garnered massive likes, and the moment I saw it in my timeline, it was an insta-follow of Penguin Box.

Ongoing Doujinshi Manga

Twitter may be a cesspool of utter rubbish these days, but the fact that Japanese artists can self-publish their works here and get it noticed means the platform still does some good.

Frankly, every little doujin chapter Sensei publishes gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And sensei has even done a few animation posts.

I do hope Sensei continues this. Sadly, as seems to happen in these cases, his additional Child Shark works haven’t been as successful as the initial one, but they are still popular.

If you are on Twitter, give Sensei a follow!

Child Shark Fireworks

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  1. Todd Decker says:

    I checked out his Twitter. This is a very cute and adorable series.

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