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BABYMETAL – いいね!(Iine!) – Idol Pop +Death Metal + Hip-hop + Happy Trance/Hardcore

My latest share from the heavy metal/idol Japanese group BABYMETAL is a song called Iine!, which is a rather interesting number.  This one has more pop elements in it, though that death metal element is there too. *lol*  Take a listen.   Oddly enough, around the 1:32 minute mark, BABYMETAL suddenly goes pure hip-hop on

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BABYMETAL – Megitsune (Merging heavy metal, idol, and traditional Japanese music in a single song.)

I recently mentioned BABYMETAL, an idol group that blends heavy metal with expected pop idol elements.  The result is actually quite good, so much so that yours truly actually got an iTunes account just to score their music. ^_^ For this post, I wanted to talk about the song Megitsune, which means “female fox”. When

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What Happens When Heavy Metal Meets "Kawai" Idols? BABYMETAL!

BABYMETAL! One of the the cool things about Japan is their willingness to experiment with new things and the spirit of innovation found there.  That’s what happened when a producer at Amuse, Inc. when he decided to combine idol music with heavy metal music. That innovative idea gave birth to the metal-idol trio known as

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KFC Japan’s New Menu Item Today

KFC in America may have its Double Down, breadless sandwich (two fried or grilled breast fillets with bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, and the Colonel’s secret sauce…whatever that is), and that came to Japan as well.  However, as the Japanese are wont to do, it is time to create another breadless chicken sandwich

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Shocking News: Japanese Idols’ Job is Making Male Fantasies

It has been a while since I did a post that some will see as controversial. I figure I’ll be in the minority on this one. (Can I blame my time living in Japan and coming to understand the culture and mindset? ^_~ ) Nevertheless, a recent incident involving AKB48 idol member MINEGISHI Minami and

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[Shimuraken no Daijobuda](Ken Shimura) English Lesson.

Japanese English Teacher Teaches Native English Speakers

Having lived in Japan, it is always amusing to me to see “Engrish” crop up in anime, manga, or on actual products for sale in Japan.  However, I think this is a first for me, seeing a Japanese English teacher is trying to teach native English speakers Engrish. *lol* This is my first exposure (that

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Burger King Japan Bacon Promo

Burger King Japan Has a Bacon Promo for the Whopper!

Why is is that American burger joints in Japan have THE coolest things?  Burger King in Japan is known for their awesome promos, such ash when Windows 7 launched and the “Meat Monster” sandwich.  Now, they are doing a bacon promo (’cause everything goes better and burps better with bacon) — get 15 strips of

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Want to See Famous Historical Males as Anime (Game) Babes? (Eiyuu Senki)

The other day, it came to my attention that there’s this new (at least, I think it is new) game coming to Japan called The World Conquest (Eiyuu Senki).  UPDATE: The website wasn’t fully online when I linked to it, but this is not only whatever kind of game it is, but it is also

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