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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 10

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 10 (The Broken System)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: In the past, Rin and Rani have a beverage at the top of  a tower, above the fog, where they come to a truce. In the present, Hakuno has a memory-dream of a meeting he had with Rin and Rani in a previous go-through. When Hakuno awakens, Saber-Nero encourages

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 09

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 09 (Waiting for the End)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: A woman shows Hakuno a film, revealing that she was Saber-Nero’s former Master. Further, the woman learned that she wasn’t even a real person, but was in fact an NPC character who’d come to life. Saber-Nero points out to her then Master that this should not be a concern

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 08

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 08 (More Exposition)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Saber-Nero and Hakuno perform stretches on board the Moon Mile Ladder as Nero boasts of how Tier 4 turned out to be nothing. They arrive on Tier 5 and exit with Rin. This tier is story, full of ruined buildings, so that the trio are all wearing rain coats.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 07 (Do not harm the lolis!)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Alice hears other Masters talking about problems with the Holy Grail War, but no one seems to hear her. And no one knows what this new thing in the sky is. Sometime later, Alice sees a calm Rin talking to an angry Amari, where Rin refuses to fight her.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 06

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 06 (Alice in Wonderland)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Hakuno says goodbye to a sad little girl and prepares to ascend to Tier 4, vowing to return for her after he wins the Holy Grail War. Rin, Hakuno, and Saber-Nero arrive on Tier 3, which turns out to be a very surreal place. Rin provides exposition on cyber-ghosts

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 05

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 05 (Been there, done that.)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Dan recalls his life as a Master when Archer-Robin Hood ambushed a Master. At that time, Dan was chivalrous and allowed Sakura to heal the Servant. Afterward, the Master and an apparent Saber Servant fought him and Archer-Robin Hood, where Dan and Archer were defeated. However, the system brought

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 04

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 04 (“Are you sure I’m here for the fighting?”)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Rin and Saber-Nero have a bath in the giant Roman-Japanese bath as they ride up the Moon Mile Ladder elevator. Hakuno ponders things and is soon joined by a mostly nude Saber-Nero, who has words for him. They eventually emerge on the second tier on a ruined castle, where

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 03

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 03 (“Why do birds suddenly appear…?”)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Rin rescues Saber-Nero and Hakuno on her flying speed motorcycle. Hakuno wakes in a luxury apartment with Code Cast bandages on his stab wounds. Rin introduces herself, though Hakuno remembers her. Saber reveals herself in the chair by Hakuno’s bed. Rin explains she’s leading the resistance and gives potions

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