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ViVid Strike! 05

ViVid Strike! 05 (The Rest of the Story)

ViVid Strike! 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Yumina continues her briefing to Nove and Fuuka. She informs them that after Rinne’s crushing of the three bullies, she was forced to transfer schools and given probation. Rinne didn’t feel worthy of the Berlinetta name, so she attempted to leave them, worrying her adoptive parents. While on the streets

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ViVid Strike! 04

ViVid Strike! 04 (A Bully Victim’s Revenge!)

ViVid Strike! 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Fuka continues her training with the girls of Nakajima Gym. Elsewhere, Rinne goes to Bulgheroni Private Academy, where she is admired but feared. At Nove’s request, Yumina has compiled information on Rinne, which she gives Fuka a chance to watch. Fuka agrees, learning about Rinne’s adoptive family and the grandfather

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ViVid Strike! 03

ViVid Strike! 03 (Enter the Tournament!)

ViVid Strike! 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Rinne is shown training before getting dressed and joining her adopted, wealthy parents for breakfast. Later, Nove leads her girls to the tournament, where they have a VIP lounge to watch the fights. Rinne’s coach, Jill, has a chat with Nove about things. Afterward, Rinne crushes her tournament opponent, then

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ViVid Strike! 02

ViVid Strike! 02 (Work! Work!)

ViVid Strike! 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Fuka is now living with Nove. Her day starts at 04:30. After getting up, she comes to the Nakajima Gym and cleans the place. After Fuka finishes her work, Einhart arrives and the two go for a run and training. They return to the gym to shower and have breakfast

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ViVid Strike! 01 (No Nanoha or Fate for you!)

ViVid Strike! 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis In the past, orphan girl Fuka Reventon defends her fellow orphan and best friend Rinne Berlinetta from bullies. A few years later, Rinne is adopted by a rich family, trained to become a powerful fighter, and ends up fighting Fuka, defeating her. In the present, Fuka is beset upon by

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