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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 06 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Doumeki pokes and annoys Watanuki a bit as they walk to the shop with groceries. They are greeted at the door by Maru and Moro, who solemnly announce that a previous customer has returned. As expected, it is the strap lady, Customer 1, who’s injured even more. When

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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 05 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 05 xxxHOLiC Rei chapter 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Doumeki and Watanuki are eating lunch at school, so Watanuki updates him on events with the two female customers and the identical damaged cat phone straps that represented the damaged woman. Doumeki asks what Yuuko-san said, to which Watanuki answers, “It’s not over yet.”

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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 04 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 04 xxxHOLiC Rei chapter 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The first female customer is there, now with injuries, so Yuuko-san asks how she got them. The woman says she tripped, but wasn’t pushed. Yuuko-san asks to see the woman’s phone, so she produces it. The dirty, little cat stuffed figure now has damage

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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 03 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 03 xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Watanuki observes the second female customer’s phone strap, complete with the tiny, cute animal figures, the cat one being dirty. Watanuki starts to make mention of this, and Yuuko-san informs this customer that their previous female customer had stopped by with the same phone

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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 02 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 02 xxxHOLiC Rei chapter 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: A female customer enters the story and after being seated at the table with Yuuko-san, starts to apologize. Yuuko-san says it is hitsuyou (necessity), then asks what the woman has in her purse. The woman opens to show Yuuko-san, who then asks about the

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xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 01 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 01 xxxHOLiC Rei chapter 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Watanuki comes to the shop to find Yuuko-san lounging on the couch. After accusing her of having another hangover, Yuuko-san attempts to prove this wrong with a flurry of maneuvers with a ping-pong paddle, which doesn’t impress Watanuki. Yuuko-san is more interested in the

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