Macross Delta 05 Review (The original “Macross” was awesome.)

Macross Delta 05
Macross Δ 05
マクロスΔ 05

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Delta 05With Windermere having declared war on the New United Government, Arad calls a meeting of Delta Squad, also attended by the Walküre and Captain Johnson, where a briefing is held on the situation, including how Windermere took Vordor without firing a shot after the Spacy units were possessed. They suspect Windermere is responsible for some of the Var outbreaks. The Walküre girls confirm hearing a boy singing during the last fight, but Hayate says he could also feel that song. Meanwhile on Windermere, the White Knights report to their ailing ruler and discuss how a Windermere has joined Walküre (Freyja).

Macross Delta 05Captain Johnson calls a meeting for the crew of the Macross Elysion to give them their new marching orders. Mikumo voices the rumor that Freyja is a spy, causing Freyja to vow to prove she’s not. Sometime later, the press catch up to Freyja at Ragnyannyan, causing the others to run interference while Hayate escapes with her. Mirage eventually finds them and tells the story of her famous grandparents, but Hayate doesn’t care. Against orders, he takes his fighter up with Freyja alongside. The flight causes Freyja to reaffirm she’s staying with Walküre. Messer forces Hayate to land, where Messer then chastises Mirage for Hayate’s behavior, irritating Hayate. However, this incident causes Hayate to decide to stay in Delta Squad just to prove he can end the war his way.


Bah! Want proof that Macross Delta is nothing more than an attempt to milk the cow off of the Macross name? The ads selling the CD(s) and DVD(s)  should end all doubts, if there were any. (Though it appears to be paying off in Japan, where the otaku are buying, as commanded.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for capitalism and the Japanese making gobs of money off of this. It is the attempt to make this anime seem like something more than just a massive ad for products is what I don’t care for.

Macross Delta 05

This episode had Mirage talk about her grandparents, the human male Max Jenius and the Zentradi female Milia (which was a moment I enjoyed). The original Macross animation and art may be dated, but when I saw Max and Milia, I couldn’t help but remember how much more awesome Macross was in terms of story and how none of the sequels can even come close.

Macross Delta 05

But then Macross was primarily telling a story with the music CDs and video tapes a secondary item. This is where Macross Delta is failing. They are primarily selling CDs, DVDs (or BDs), and then toys/models/etc. Because these episodes are mainly ads for product, I find I don’t really have much of an interest in the story, and very little investment in most of the characters (though Freyja is OK in an airheaded sort of way and Mirage is fine, if cliched).

Macross Delta 05

As to this specific episode, Mikumo again plays her bitch card in trying to cause folks to doubt Freyja even more. If anyone is going to go “south” in this series, it would be Mikumo.

Macross Delta 05

Hayate continues to play his cliched “I’m so awesome, I can do whatever the heck I want and suffer nothing as a result. Heck, I’m going to end the war just because my hair barrettes make me so bishounen!”

Macross Delta 05

Although I like Mirage, it is a shame that the episode didn’t have Messer just ignore Hayate and keep going off on Mirage for not keeping Hayate in control. He could have made his remarks about how Hayate isn’t really that good of a pilot through a continued dressing down of Mirage.

Macross Delta 05

Anyway, the story moves into its war fronting with the next episode. Yay! Just don’t forget to buy the CD singles, DVDs, and various other Macross Delta products!

Macross Delta 05

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10 Responses to “Macross Delta 05 Review (The original “Macross” was awesome.)”

  1. ctrn says:

    Yep, Original Macross was awesome. The movie was great. But Macross Plus and Zero are very good too.

    Macross Plus depicted the battle between two jet fighters builders and was based on a realWorld competition between Lockheed and Nortrop for the US next fighter: Northrop YF-23 vs Lockheed F-22 Raptor. That was a nice touch.

    Zero explained a little more of the macross universe and the “protoculture” thing. And the dogfights were great too! (Frontier made an homage to the series).

    Beware of the next episode of Delta: Integalactic “Totally Spies” furry world.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’ve yet to watch Macross Plus. Macross Zero was quite good, though it didn’t quite mesh with the established lore established in SDF Macross. But that was just a small complaint on my part.

      • ctrn says:

        Oh, It’s good that I didn’t spoiled Macross Plus for you.
        I didn’t see the movie version, just the OVAs. And I played the PSX game too…. it was a good game (Nostalgia mode talking).

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I have the ability to watch Macross Plus, but it is in the massive pile of titles I still need to watch.

      • Charleston Ho says:

        Next episode is full of awesome dogfight and huge character development for Hayate and Mirage. In ep 7 its quite nice if can stand planet full of cat people(I okay with it as I very open in race diversity unlike some ‘purist’ aka human supremacy people fan who think Human and zentradi are ONY LEGIT SENTIENT BEING and pther just cash grab) and hint of clever biological weapon tactic.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Well, I don’t know about “huge” character development for Hayate and Mirage. I do think their romance flag was set. (I think my review is now up.)

      • Charleston Ho says:

        Here my opinion on other macross series

        Macross Plus

        Good: Awesome VF design, powerful rivalries story and friendship mending, Awesome Dogfight scene, feature first concept of vocaloid, OST
        Flaw: Story mostly talking. 2 dogfight scene only and if you don’t like Hayate, main hero essentially older Hayate and a bit lack of song
        Personal: 3rd most favorite macross series as I love dogfight and Its VF are one of my top fav. Recommend watch movie version only instead of OVA as movie are a lot better

        Macross 7

        Good:Music, Basara and awesome space battle
        Flaw:Story was dragging too long and too slow as its main story only cover at least 13-20 ep while the series is 50 ep long. A bit illogical as song use to defeat enemy
        Personal:I kinda agree that Macross 7 are consider worst but in anime standard is not bad anime. If you okay with slow story telling and filler than this shows for you

        Macross zero

        Good: Dogfight, darker story and return of Roy Fokker and visual for its time
        Bad VF design(rehash of VF-1), no music and song too short of the series
        Personal: Its quite good series but still lack of song.

        So far Macross Delta is my most fav Macross series of all time as it has superior dogfight scene than most of maross series especially frontier and zero and equal to Macross Plus character, better main hero and heroine as I like Frejya better than Ranka and Mirage is good character, Badass Idol instead of being demsel in distress, superiour VF design especially enemy VF than frontier and other series shows huge diversity of race and world. The flaw still that its music and song still a bit inferior to Frontier but it still ep 8 only so too early

        What do you think on my opinion?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          What do you think on my opinion?

          There’s nothing wrong with your opinion. 🙂 (And thanks for posting them.) It is just me personally, but Macross Delta hasn’t done a whole lot for me.

      • Charleston Ho says:

        Episode 8 of Delta is one of most beautiful episode in macross history. The song and VF gracefulness are brought me in tears

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