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Merry Christmas 2012! (with some Hayate the Combat Butler love)

Hey everyone! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, especially those of you who are like me and are working to pay the bills. ^_^; My final Christmas image posting of the year goes to one of my favorite manga titles (and one that doesn’t seem to have a lot of traction

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"Cardcaptor Sakura"Christmas Love 2012

Howdy folks. Time for a little more Christmas love, this time coming from the cute and popular magic girl series, Cardcaptor Sakura. For those who don’t know, Cardcaptor Sakura is the story of a young girl named Sakura, whom is chosen to collect a series of magical cards as she is the descendant of the

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Some "Yotsuba&!" Christmas Love

Hey everyone. Since it is Christmas time and I have quite a number of Christmas images, I’m going to buy myself more time and share more of the love.  This time, it comes from one of my absolute favorite manga titles, Yotsuba&! For those unaware, Yotsuba&! is the tale of a young, foreign orphan girl

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Asuka and Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Christmas Love

Some Asuka and Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Christmas Love

I want to wish everyone a very, merry Christmas. ^_^  Here’s a fun image of Asuka and Rei in Santa gear, making me look forward to the third Evangelion movie. Later today, there will be a special, Christmas anime review. ^_^

Christmas Twins

Merry Christmas!

I’m out working today (’cause computers have to stay up) but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  ^_^   I hope you all have a good one and for those working like me, hang in there.  ^_^ No idea where this image came from, but it was on a Japanese

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School Rumble Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve so some School Rumble Love (and thoughts)

You know, School Rumble just hasn’t been treated very well as a franchise, has it?   In Japan, Kobayashi-sensei doesn’t resolve certain plot threads from what I understand (though one could say that there are resolutions made in the 1-volume School Rumble Z).  Del Rey fell very far behind the Japanese releases and ended up

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Kannagi Christmas Love

Some Kannagi Christmas Love — Because I Can (Oh, and some personal crap too)

Some Kannagi Christmas Love — Because I Can December has turned out to be the most insane month for me since 2002.  The good news is that because I’m working so many hours, I’ve recovered most of the forced, unpaid furlough time we contractors were given over the last year.  On the down side, it

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Ai Yori Aoshi Aoi-chan Santa-san

Aoi Santa-san Comes Early — Because She Can! (Ai Yori Aoshi Love)

Aoi Santa-san Comes Early — Because She Can! (Ai Yori Aoshi Love) ‘Tis a very busy time for old AstroNerdBoy, made more so because of all the fun that happens at year end when it comes to my line of work (that “fun” being added to by Big Brother “caring” for you but that’s another

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