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Fruits Basket (2019) 09

Fruits Basket (2019) 09 (Enter the ox!)

Fruits Basket (2019) 09 フルーツバスケット 09 Furuba episode 09 Story Summary/Synopsis Tohru comes out of the grocery store to see Yuki and Kyo in a verbal fight. This lasts the entire walk home. That evening, Yuki is coming down with a cold. Tohru wants him to stay home from school. However, Kyo’s demand to challenge

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Fruits Basket (2019) 08

Fruits Basket (2019) 08 (Happy New Year!)

Fruits Basket (2019) 08 フルーツバスケット 08 Furuba episode 08 Story Summary/Synopsis Tohru gets permission to stay at Shigure’s house through the New Year’s holiday while Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki head to the Sohma estate for three days. Kyo and Yuki don’t want to go, but hearing Tohru encourage them changes their mind. Shigure, Kyo, and

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Fruits Basket (2019) 07

Fruits Basket (2019) 07 (After snow comes spring.)

Fruits Basket (2019) 07 フルーツバスケット 07 Furuba episode 07 Story Summary/Synopsis Tohru goes to the Sohma estate to meet with Hatori. She’s met at the gate by Momiji. He leads her to Hatori’s office. She’s highly nervous, but looks around his office while waiting for him to join her. Momiji brings in tea and Tohru

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Fruits Basket (2019) 06

Fruits Basket (2019) 06 (Mikans? Oranges? Nope, Carrots!)

Fruits Basket (2019) 06 フルーツバスケット 06 Furuba episode 06 Story Summary/Synopsis The culture festival at Kaibara High School is underway. Tohru’s class is selling onigiri, helped tremendously by an unhappy Yuki in a dress. Meanwhile, the blonde boy Tohru had met earlier shows up with an adult. She learns that this is Momiji, a half-German,

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Fruits Basket (2019) 05

Fruits Basket (2019) 05 (Good Filler)

Fruits Basket (2019) 05 フルーツバスケット 05 Furuba episode 05 Story Summary/Synopsis Tohru moves out of the Sohma home and into her Grandfather’s home. She now has to share a room with her cousin as her extended family has also moved into her Grandfather’s home. The family expresses concerns over the fact that Tohru had been

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Fruits Basket (2019) 04

Fruits Basket (2019) 04 (Enter the boar!)

Fruits Basket (2019) 04 フルーツバスケット 04 Furuba episode 04 Story Summary/Synopsis SOHMA Kagura arrives at Shigure’s house, happy to learn that Kyo has returned. She then begins to beat him to a pulp. Shigure reveals that Kagura is a member of the zodiac. She also learns that the female zodiac members can hug male zodiac

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Fruits Basket (2019) 03

Fruits Basket (2019) 03 (Chapter Scramble)

Fruits Basket (2019) 03 フルーツバスケット 03 Furuba episode 03 Story Summary/Synopsis Tohru’s class prepares for the upcoming school cultural festival. It is decided that they will have an onigiri shop. Kyo’s suggestion for “battle onigiri” gets him teased. When a bunch of cats appear around him, he flees. Tohru finds him on the school roof

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Fruits Basket (2019) 02

Fruits Basket (2019) 02 (Anger Management Boy!)

Fruits Basket (2019) 02 フルーツバスケット 02 Furuba episode 02 Story Summary/Synopsis After Tohru accidentally causes Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo to transform into their animal forms, Shigure explains how they are possessed by the spirits of the Zodiac. They soon return to human form, where Yuki agrees to fight Kyo. Kyo is quickly defeated. Yuki and

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