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Pizza Hut Loves Anime (at least, in Japan)

A couple of days ago, I showed how the Japanese had some fun with a Pizza Hut promotional image for Angel Beats! So, I thought I’d share a few more anime promotional images from Pizza Hut that I’ve picked up in my travels. First up is one of my favorite anime titles, Kannagi. Yep, pizza

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Kannagi Christmas Love

Christmas Eve, Kannagi Style

Christmas Eve, Kannagi Style I was just thinking about how much I’d love to see more Kannagi (as well as wondering if the manga-ka ever recovered and restarted the manga). In the meantime, some Christmas images from the series will have to do for now, eh? ^_^ Here’s hoping that we can get more Kannagi

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Slayers eating

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone in the U.S. a “Happy Thanksgiving!” ^_^ I rather imagine much of the following images will be going on today. *lol* Followed by some football and no doubt, some napping. ^_~ I hope you all have a fun and good day. ^_^

Kannagi – 14 (DVD extra)

かんなぎ Episode 14 (DVD extra episode) Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 14 Kannagi – 14 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Takako and Shino find a bundle of money on the street and turning it in nets Kanako a ¥100,000 reward. As such, she wants the art club to do a movie. Zange-chan invites herself into the picture and is

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Kannagi — Nagi-sama Lovin’!

Kannagi — Nagi-sama Lovin’! I wants me some Kannagi licensing from FUNimation since FUNimation makes use of Japanese honorifics in their subtitles! I also want a second series to the anime. So far, no luck on either front but we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, here’s some images from the most excellent “Nagi-sama.” ^_^

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Kannagi — Final Thoughts

Kannagi was a series that I saw people blogging about and indeed had seen some promo images for it. However, despite the cute character designs and “Crazy Shrine Maidens” English subtitle (which has some people scratching their heads since only the Kannagi character wears a miko costume) and the possible mahou shoujo element, I really

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Kannagi 13

Kannagi 13 (finale)

かんなぎ Episode 13 (final episode) Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 13 Kannagi 13 (finale) SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: After the audience is shown that Nagi is staying with the family that runs the Kannagi Shrine, Jin is shown to still be very depressed and upset over things, even telling Tsugumi it is none of her business where Nagi

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Kannagi 12

かんなぎ Episode 12 Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 12 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Jin checks with a teacher to obtain information about who runs the Kannagi Shrine. Before heading there, Daitetsu shows Jin that he found Nagi’s abandoned baton on the roof of the school. After school, Jin discovers an eccentric older couple are the current guardians of

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