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Hayate the Combat Butler manga

Why read the Hayate the Combat Butler manga?

Why read the Hayate the Combat Butler manga? When it comes to anime, many anime titles are in fact adaptations of a popular manga or light novel series.  Such is the case with Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku in the Japanese).  So if you’ve watched and enjoyed the Hayate the Combat Butler anime

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Hand Maid May

Why the Harem Genre?

Why the Harem Genre? Considering my nutty schedule this month, which makes watching anime nearly impossible, I was trying to think of some anime or manga-related topic I could discuss.  As I looked at my tastes in anime and manga titles, I find that I have a strong preference for the so-called harem titles.  So

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Dirty Pair

Why Watch Classic Anime?

Why Watch Classic Anime? The other day, someone asked me, “Why do you watch so much old anime?”  I found it to be a good question because watching anime from the 80’s certainly isn’t something that will increase blog traffic.  Indeed, I’d say that so much blogging about the original Mobile Suit Gundam and Urusei

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