Some “KILL la KILL” Parody Goodness (And some personal junk as well.)

Hey gang!

Well, after my recent computer woes, I’m about 75% recovered on my main PC, enough so that I’m making my first blog post from it since Friday. However, I’m still way, way behind on watching anime or even reading the last Hayate the Combat Butler chapter.

Still, while taking a break and checking in on things, I came across some pretty fun KILL la KILL parody images that were floating around. As such, I thought I’d share them with you all.

KILL la KILL and Fairy Tell

Heh! KILL la KILL meets Fairy Tail. Gray would be a more natural person to be part of Nudist Beach, but then Juvia wouldn’t mind wearing Senketsu for her beloved Gray-sama. Still, Gajeel is pretty funny doing the Nudist Beach thing, and since he and Levy have this attraction for each other, having her play the role of Ryuuko in Senketsu works. 😀


I’ve never watched Attack on Titan, but I’d have to be blind not to be aware of it. (I tried reading the manga, but I just couldn’t get into it — wasn’t a fan of the art style.)  That being said, having Mikisugi being a Titan with Ryuuko, Satsuki, Mako, and even Nui being the ones to attack the “Titan” just cracks me up.



I found this Grand Theft Auto parody of KILL la KILL to be amusing, even though it doesn’t really seem to fit, does it?

Work is about to take up almost all my time for the next couple of weeks. I’ll still get the UQ Holder spoilers out (if at all possible) and anything else is gravy. ^_^

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