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Hina Happy Birthday

It’s AstroNerdBoy’s Birthday! ^_^

Wow. Another year has come and gone and I’m now 40. ^_^;;; How the heck did that happen? ^_~ Well, since I’m writing this well in advance (like two weeks ahead of time), I don’t know exactly where I am at the moment, but I’m thinking I’ll be in a place much like this. Well,

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Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night — Final Thoughts

フェイト/ステイナイト Fate/stay night – Final Thoughts Review I was first introduced to Fate/stay night through my regular search for interesting anime images, which leads me all over the place. I saw some cool picture of Sabe, the blonde babe in the blue outfit and armor, with her sword on the attack and it really caught

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Shirou summons Saber

It is a “Fate/stay night” kind of day

It is a “Fate/stay night” kind of day Since I’m going to be doing my final review of Fate/stay night tonight, I thought I’d share some more images from the series, which you may or may not have. Looking over them, they seem pretty Saber-heavy. I wonder why? ^_~ Ah, but here’s a Rin modified

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Fate/stay night Saber Rin

Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)

Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night) Here are a couple of images of Rin and Saber together that I rather enjoy. I’m pretty sure that this second image isn’t from Type Moon but I don’t know its source unfortunately. However, I did imagine that this would be how Fate/stay night would end somehow, with both Rin

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Fate/stay night – 24

Fate/stay night – 24 (finale)

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 24 Fate/stay night episode 24 (final episode) SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Shirou is trapped in the evil sludge from Kotomine and as the dead scream at him, he thinks of some words his adopted father told him, Rin’s final words to him, and other people. As such, he finds the strength to be able to

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Fate/stay night - 23

Fate/stay night – 23

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 23 Fate/stay night episode 23 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Shirou and Saber return home to find that Kotomine has not only kidnapped Ilya, but has given Rin a severe and bloody beating. Saber tends to Rin’s wounds as best she can while Rin weakly gives Shirou some advice. She figures that Kotomine is at Ryudouji

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Fate/stay night - 22

Fate/stay night – 22

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 22 Fate/stay night episode 22 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: With Ilya ill and overflowing with power, Rin tends to her and gives an explanation to Saber. She also reveals that Lancer’s original Master had been slain and that Lancer has a new Master — Kotomine. Rin asks if Saber knows where Shirou is and they

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Fate/stay night Saber kimono

Fate/stay night — Summertime Saber

Now that summer has finally arrived (officially and temperature-wise), I thought that a nice summer image was appropriate. Since I’m still working through Fate/stay night (well, as my tight schedule allows), I thought, “Why not post an image of Saber that is typical of summertime in Japan?” ^_^ For those following my reviews of the

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