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Macross Delta 18

Macross Delta 18 Review (Music CD ad with a side of strange.)

Macross Delta 18 Macross Δ 18 マクロスΔ 18 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Delta Squad and Walküre are on Voldor for their covert mission. The climate has changed dramatically, thanks to the Protoculture structure. The Aerial Knights arrive at the planet to provide protection to the ruins. Bogue offends Cassim, who then leaves. An uncertain Freyja is teamed

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Macross Delta 17

Macross Delta 17 Review (Music videos, with a bit of plot.)

Macross Delta 17 Macross Δ 17 マクロスΔ 17 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: On Windermere, Roid studies Freyja and Mikumo. Chaos plans a new infiltration of Planet Voldor. To accomplish this, Walküre has a concert that gets broadcast with a virus that infects the star cluster network, allowing them to take it over. In addition, Chaos earns money

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Macross Delta 16

Macross Delta 16 Review (Setting a death flag?)

Macross Delta 16 Macross Δ 16 マクロスΔ 16 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Thanks to the man he rescued, Hayate learns his father was a pilot. Makina and Reina convince the others to throw Freyja a surprise birthday party since she’s 15 and middle aged. Hayate enlists Mirage to help him find a gift for Freyja, where they

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Macross Delta 15

Macross Delta 15 Review (Another “no concert” episode.)

Macross Delta 15 Macross Δ 15 Review マクロスΔ 15 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Four of the members of the Aerial Knights gather at the energy crater to reflect on things before going to Heinz’s coronation. Bogue pays a visit to the graves of his family while Roid picks up Keith to bring him to the ruined amphitheater

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Macross Delta 14

Macross Delta 14 Review (You’re about to die, so here’s a concert.)

Macross Delta 14 Macross Δ 14 マクロスΔ 14 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Kaname and Freyja hand out relief supplies on the damaged artificial island, which is suffering from power shortages. Though Macross Elysion has more than enough spare power to supply to the island, the island’s docking port has been damaged. Chuck meets with his surviving family members

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Macross Delta 13

Macross Delta 13 Review (Proud Oneesan…and some battles.)

Macross Delta 13 Macross Δ 13 マクロスΔ 13 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: As Macross Elysion arrives at Al Shahal, Sigur Valens and the Windermere fleet begin to fold out. Macross Elysion manages to land a shot on Sigur Valens, damaging its sound system. As such, Heinz cannot use his song until repairs are made. The Aether is dispatched back

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Macross Delta 12

Macross Delta 12 Review (Preparing for the big battle.)

Macross Delta 12 Macross Δ 12 マクロスΔ 12 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Windermere attacks Al Shahal with Sigur Valens and support ships, using Heinz’s singing to shield them from attack and activate Vars among the defending forces. The planet falls in fifteen minutes. Survivors from various attacks arrive at Ragna, where Captain Ernest lays out his plans

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Macross Delta 11

Macross Delta 11 Review (Resolutions and Phase 2)

Macross Delta 11 Macross Δ 11 マクロスΔ 11 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: After the funeral for Messer, Makina and Reina run tests on Freyja after her and Mikumo’s recent experience at the Protoculture ruins. Mikumo joins them, describing the even as a mental hack from the wind singer. Elsewhere, Hayate learns that the kill shot on Messer

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